How much fee does etoro take?

By buying crypto assets on eToro, you acquire ownership of those assets. The Etoro trading platform only works with dollars, so when you deposit money from other currencies, a conversion fee is charged. In addition to eToro, I use some other platforms to trade stocks and they are a little cheaper, but they have fewer options, since they do not operate with CFDs, but with real assets. In short, spread fees are charged when you buy anything on eToro, stocks and any other asset or instrument; however, they are included in the purchase price you see on eToro.

If you use leverage, it means that eToro is lending you money, so they're charging you an interest rate. I'm trying to find out all your fees, but I haven't been able to find the same details that you have here on Etoro. As far as I understand it, eToro first charges a currency conversion fee when I deposit funds into my account, and then, when I want to withdraw the profits, they charge a withdrawal fee and a currency conversion fee again. To complicate things a little more, the Etoro platform has different conversion fees depending on the deposit method.

Like most other CFD trading platforms, eToro charges fees from one day to the next, which are basically small fees to lend you the money needed to hold the asset overnight. eToro is a multi-asset platform that offers investments in stocks and crypto assets, as well as CFD trading. Etoro is one of the largest CFD trading platforms in the world (according to Similarweb, they have more than 20 million visitors per month).

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