Does etoro charge fees?

eToro charges a 1% commission for buying or selling crypto assets on its platforms. In the case of trading with stocks and ETFs, there are no fees and the broker pays the regulatory fees per transaction when a stock is sold. You're probably wondering what the hell the Libor is. As far as I understand it, etoro first charges a currency conversion fee when I deposit funds into my account, and then, when I want to withdraw the profits, they charge a withdrawal fee and a currency conversion fee again.

If you use leverage, it means that eToro is lending you money, so they're charging you an interest rate. eToro will charge a currency conversion fee for deposits and withdrawals in currencies other than your account currency. However, since eTor only offers accounts in USD, all deposits and withdrawals are made in USD, which means that if you deposit in GBP, eToro will convert your GBP to USD, so they will charge you a commission. eToro is regulated by top-tier financial authorities, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, a sign that its operations have passed strict official scrutiny.

For more information, consult your personal tax advisor and see the eToro UK tax information page. Like most other CFD trading platforms, eToro charges fees from one day to the next, which are basically small fees to lend you the money needed to maintain the asset overnight. What happens in these cases is that eToro automatically converts the amount in USD to GBP (applying a small profit margin in the process). (UK or European Stocks), eToro will convert currencies to the current market exchange rate at no additional cost to you.

eToro does not provide tax advice, but it does generate a tax report for you each United Kingdom tax year (from 6 to 5 April) depending on your trading activity, which you can then use to fill out your tax returns. eToro automatically performs this conversion for you at a cost of 50 pips for both deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer; this would represent approximately 0.4% of the total amount, depending on the current exchange rate. I'm trying to find out all your fees, but I haven't been able to find the same details that you have here on Etoro. To complicate things a little more, the Etoro platform has different conversion fees depending on the deposit method.

In addition to eToro, I use some other platforms to trade stocks and they are a little cheaper, but they have fewer options, since they do not operate with CFDs, but with real assets.

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